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When to Get a Home Electrical Inspection

If you’ve recently begun to feel the itch to buy a home, but have been discouraged by the sheer number of different homes for sale in your desired price range, stage of construction, and location preferences, don’t worry! If you get a home electrical inspection and find that the home's wiring is not up to par, it should deter you from purchasing that home.

One very important thing to consider is if the house you’re looking at requires a home inspection. Many people are unaware of this, but home electrical fires account for more than 500 deaths each year, 1,400 injuries, and $1.3 billion in property damage. So, you should always consider a home electrical inspection before buying a house.

What Is Home Electrical Inspection?

The basic idea of a home electrical inspection is to check the condition of the electrical systems and features in a house, including their operation and their construction, for potential problems before buying. By the time you’ve decided on a specific home and are ready to put in an offer, it can be difficult or even impossible to get a satisfactory answer to concerns about wiring or repair costs.

Why Should You Consider a Home Electrical Inspection Before Buying a House?

There are many reasons to consider a home electrical inspection before buying a house. Some of the most important ones may be:


This is the primary concern. There are many things that can go wrong with an electrical system, and more than a few of them have not-so-graceful ways of manifesting themselves in ways that affect your quality of life. There are electrical problems that can cause safety issues with wiring and the home’s structure itself, and there are electrical problems that can cause fires or electrocution. If you have either children or pets, it’s probably safe to say that both of these things are very undesirable in your home!

Energy Efficiency 

Electrical systems that aren’t operating correctly are also more likely to waste energy as a result of any number of issues. This can result in an expensive and long-lasting impact on your utility bill.

Avoiding Costly Repairs 

If a problem is detected early, you can often opt not to buy the house or to negotiate with the seller for a lower price since the repairs are necessary. The alternative is having to come up with large amounts of money for repairs later on down the road. Keep in mind that issues that are ignored may lead to larger problems and more costly ones in the future.

Ensure the Property is Up to Code

Some electrical codes and laws may have changed over the years, and if the house is an old one, it’s not out of the question for the electrical systems to be built according to outdated or improper standards. A home electrical inspection can reveal outdated or malfunctioning wiring and ensure that you get what you pay for in terms of safety and energy efficiency.

Avoid Costly Pitfalls 

A home electrical inspection can also help both you and the seller avoid costly pitfalls that could hit you later.


Wiring is more than just electrical wires; it also includes the conduit and other materials that connect the wires to their destinations. If the electrical systems are not installed correctly, a home inspection can reveal the problem areas.

When Do You Need A Home Electrical Inspection?

You may need a home electrical inspection if you’re buying a new building or have concerns about the electrical system in an existing house.

It’s more important to get an inspection for an older home than a newer one because the wiring in older homes is typically lower quality than that of newer homes. Older homes may also have been built without the modern wiring standards and consideration for safety and codes in place at the time.

A new home should have been designed with all those considerations in mind from the beginning, including the updated electrical system. At the very least, a new home will have been built using approved wiring materials and systems that have been inspected to ensure that they meet current code requirements.

If you are planning to purchase an existing house, it is wise to hire a professional home electrical inspection service. A licensed electrician can provide you with a thorough and credible assessment of the electrical system and its condition.

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