Commercial Electrical Retrofitting in Durham

Commercial Electrical Retrofitting in Durham

As the owner of commercial property, do you know if your electrical panels, wiring, and lighting is within code and properly updated? If not, your building may be at an increased risk of fire, you could be fined during an inspection, and you are most likely paying too much in energy bills. When you need commercial electrical retrofitting in Durham, reach out to MSS-Ortiz. Our electrical contractors will ensure your building’s electrical system is safe, efficient, and compliant with all federal, state, and local codes.

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Electrical Retrofitting in Durham

What Is Electrical Retrofitting?

Electrical retrofitting involves updating old or outdated electrical components with new technology in order to improve energy efficiency, align with building codes, and improve safety. Typically, this involves keeping the overall electrical infrastructure in place, but providing the following services:

  • Partial or comprehensive rewiring with safe, modern wires;
  • Updating wiring to install heat pumps or HVAC systems;
  • Upgrading or replacing electrical panels and circuit breakers;
  • Replacing lighting or outfitting existing light fixtures with new switches.

Benefits of Electrical Retrofit

Benefits of Electrical Retrofits

Generally, electrical retrofitting isn’t a small task, and as a property owner, you need to determine if this process is necessary or how it will improve the property. To help you decide if it’s right for you, consider these benefits of retrofitting your electrical system:

    • Your building will be safer for tenants, businesses, and their clients.

    • Faulty electric is one of the leading reasons for commercial property fires.

    • Reduce the risk of fines or penalties by ensuring your electrical infrastructure is up to code.

    • Reduce your energy bills with more efficient wiring, lighting, and light bulbs.

    • Improve the appearance and visibility of your buildings with higher-quality light fixtures and more powerful lighting that doesn’t affect your energy bill.

    • Expand your options for HVAC, appliances, machinery, and other powered equipment by having a system that can handle them.

    • Ensures your fire alarm and smoke detector systems will be powered and functioning.

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Why Choose MSS-Ortiz for Your Electrical Retrofitting

When it comes to your property’s electrical system, wiring, and lighting, you need to feel confident that the work is being done the right way by an experienced team. MSS-Ortiz’s team of electrical contractors has been proudly serving Durham and the surrounding area since 1984 and is dedicated to providing high-quality electrical work that is safe and reliable at competitive costs.

We have worked on thousands of commercial properties around the Triangle, including large retail facilities, office buildings, and large apartment complexes and are familiar with the challenges that these projects can bring. However, regardless of how large or small your building is, our team puts the same focus toward the task to get the best results you can rely on.

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