Electrical Outlet Installation & Repair Services in Durham

Don't put your home or your safety at risk with a DIY project.

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Licensed Electricians in Durham

Licensed Durham Electricians

We install, update, or repair your outlets quickly and correctly so you can use them with confidence.

Outlet Installation in Durham

If you’re tired of having to run extension cords in order to work with your room’s layout or you can’t arrange your furniture the way you want because of inconvenient outlet placement, we can help! We can install outlets in safe, convenient locations throughout your home so they are easily accessible when and where you need them.

Additionally, we can also install or replace exterior outlets to your home. This allows you to safely and easily add decorations, use power tools outside, and even set up an outdoor living space!

Other Outlet Electrical Services:


GFCI Outlets

Updating GFCI Outlets

In the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry area, or anywhere there is water nearby, it’s necessary to have a GFCI outlet, or ground fault circuit interrupter. It protects you from electrical shock by shutting off as soon as there is a difference in current. For example, if you drop a hair dryer into a sink, the change in current will immediately cut off power to the outlet, reducing your risk of injury, and even death, from electric shock. Most people have a hard time identifying a GFCI outlet in their home, let alone know how to replace an outdoor GFCI outlet or similar outlets across their property. Whether you’re working on a home renovation project or want to ensure all the outlets in your home are properly working, give us a call.

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Outlet Upgrade

Upgrading and Updating Your Outlets

Even if your outlets are working perfectly, they may be outdated and unsafe. For example, many older homes have two-pronged outlets, whereas three-pronged outlets are now the norm. This is more than just an unnecessary update, three-pronged outlets are grounded, meaning power surges have an additional path for a current, reducing the risk of shocks.

While adapters can turn a two-prong outlet into a three-prong receptacle, this is not a safe option. Instead, with our express electrical services, you can quickly and easily update your outlets to ensure each one is grounded so you can safely plug in high-end appliances, computers, and surge protector strips where you need to.

Electrical Outlet Repairs

In addition to electrical outlet updates and installation, our licensed electricians can repair faulty outlets.  If there isn’t any electricity coming from an outlet and you’ve tried resetting it or you’ve checked your circuit breaker, we can troubleshoot and fix the problem by testing connections, checking the wiring, and other options.

If your outlet sparks, the plate feels warm, or there is a buzzing sound coming from the outlet, you should contact our office immediately, as that is a sign there is a problem with your electrical wiring.

Lighting Services

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