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It’s no question that summers in the Raleigh – Durham area are brutally hot and humid, which leads to stuffy homes and high energy bills! One of the most popular ways for homeowners to keep their homes comfortable is with ceiling fans, especially because they have the added benefit of being aesthetically pleasing. With our licensed electricians providing ceiling fan installation services, we can help you add beauty to your home and reduce your energy costs while keeping your home cool and comfortable. 

Why Call an Electrician to Install a Ceiling Fan? 

If you want to replace a light fixture in your home with a new ceiling fan, you may be inclined to do it yourself after watching a few YouTube videos or reading through an instruction manual. However, hiring a licensed Durham electrician will not only save you hours of work, you’ll know that your ceiling fan is installed correctly.


Our electricians can tackle any ceiling fan installation project quickly and safely because we are knowledgeable of the current codes and are experienced in working with all types of electrical wiring. We can connect your ceiling fan the right way, reducing the risk of malfunction and even electrical fires! Additionally, we can make sure your ceiling fan is balanced correctly and positioned to ensure quiet, proper operation to help you stay cool without annoying squeaks or rocking sounds. 


Instead of spending hours on a ladder, trying to find tools, or reading installation manuals, our experienced team can have your ceiling fan installed in a short period of time because they know exactly what to do for almost any installation. With a focus on excellent service and quality workmanship, we can have your ceiling fan running smoothly so you can enjoy your day in comfort.

Reduce Costs

You may think you’re saving money with a DIY project, and for some projects, like painting or laying tile, that can be true because mistakes can be easy to fix. However, with a ceiling fan installation, a mistake can lead to costly repairs and even poor wiring that can result in a fan fire. 

Exterior Ceiling Fan Installation

If you’d like to turn a porch or outdoor area into a cool, pleasant retreat that you can enjoy for much of the year, we can do that, too! Our Durham electricians can run the wiring and replace outdoor outlets to safely and efficiently install ceiling fans in exterior spaces, including porches, covered patios, and pergolas. 

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