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What Is The MSS HomeSafe Evaluation?

The easiest way to protect your home from electrical issues. Our annual inspections are an easy way for homeowners to schedule the recommended annual inspections of their homes' electrical systems.

By The Time You're Aware Of An Issue, It Can Be Too Late

By ensuring frequent inspection by one of our electrical professionals, you can ensure that any issues are caught early and before they can grow and become potentially life-threatening. Electrical malfunctions are not similar to plumbing situations where it takes months or years to cause damage. Electrical issues are typically discovered after serious damage or fire has occurred. They can be brought on by common events like plugging in an appliance, flipping a light switch, or lightning. With our HomeSafe Electrical Evaluation, you'll know if you're close to the capacity of your breaker box, if your outlets are rated for certain appliances, or if something we see isn't up to code.

I got a 240V outlet installed in my garage for charging my car. John S did a great job with communication, the quote, and the install. Tracey was great scheduling and the project was completed faster than I was expecting and at a reasonable price. Very happy with them. Will definitely use them for electric issues going forward.
Andrew M.
I got a 240V outlet installed in my garage for charging my car. John S did a great job with communication, the quote, and the install. Tracey was great scheduling and the project was completed faster than I was expecting and at a reasonable price. Very happy with them. Will definitely use them for electric issues going forward.
Sally K.
It’s not been easy to find an electrician these days but John S with MSS-Ortiz did an outstanding job for us and we will definitely call him again in the future. He was professional and thorough and really helped us think thru the most optimal solution for our electrical needs. Additionally, he was understanding about our request to wear a mask since my husband is a high-risk heart-transplant patient and we really appreciated this courtesy. We had a truly terrible experience with the electrician who wired our home and so we appreciated the stark contrast when working with John from MSS-Ortiz. We definitely recommend him.
Angela W.
MSS Ortiz handled all my electrical needs professionally and quickly. Tracy has been beyond amazing, communicating schedules, adapting to requested changes without hesitation, and keeping me updated on the timing of fixture deliveries that we were awaiting. I would HIGHLY recommend MSS Ortiz to anyone needing help with electrical installation and other electrical issues.
Susan R.
I cannot thank MSS-Ortiz Electrical Services enough for the outstanding work they did at my home. If you are looking for a company that is honest, timely, provides exceptional customer service and does quality/detailed work...look no further. Matthew quickly responded to my inquiry about installing a 220V/60 amp line to my hot tub and provided me with an extremely competitive quote based on the work that needed to be performed. John, our technician, arrived on time, was professional and friendly. He did a great job of communicating, sharing progress and was happy addressing my questions. It was clear that he was knowledgeable, straightforward and honest, so I trust his recommendations. I’ll definitely use MSS-Ortiz for all my electrical needs in the future!!
Tiffaney L.
I am so glad that I had Ortiz do my job. I needed outdoor outlets by the pool and on the front of the house. I also wanted new landscape lighting around the pool. My old flood lights no longer worked so I purchased them and they installed. The price was great and John did an excellent job. I will use them again in the future.
Cindy W.
Truly a fantastic experience working with them. I used their services to wire in a 240v Hot Tub and from the onset they were always very responsive and gave me an extremely competitive quote in the timeframe that I was looking for. On the day of the installation the technicians that were sent were professional and explained what they were going to do prior to starting the work, and even though the project was a bit challenging with the layout of the tub they finished on time. I strongly recommend using their services as they are a locally run business and really do seem to care more about building a lasting relationship and performing good work rather than just moving on to the next job.
Shaun T.
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What Does The MSS Ortiz HomeSafe Evaluation Include?

    • An Annual Inspection of Your Homes’ Electrical System

    • Free Estimates on Any Issues Found

    • 15% Discount on Labor for Any Fixes

    • Peace of Mind

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