Commercial Electrical Repair Services


Commercial Electrical Repair Services

Whether you have a faulty electrical outlet, issues with lighting, or need to update an existing electrical panel, we are here to help you!  Our team of licensed electricians provides comprehensive repair and installation services for businesses in the Durham and surrounding area. In addition to repair services, our safety inspection can diagnose any potential underlying problems that may exist. Now you can feel confident and know that the electricity running through your commercial property is operating safely and efficiently. 

Electrical Outlet Upgrades & Repairs

Not only are broken outlets a serious headache, but they can be a potential fire hazard. There’s no reason to work around a broken outlet or run dangerous extension cords across your floor. We provide repair services to help businesses fix faulty outlets and keep existing ones up to date. 

Electrical Repair Services For Commerical Properties

Our team of service electricians offers a wide range of commercial electrical services that goes far past outlet repair and can include:

  • Lighting and parking light repair
  • Installing security wiring 
  • Overloaded or outdated electrical panels 
  • Electrical rewiring 
  • Corrections for electrical code compliance

Contact Us Today to Learn More About Our Commercial Repair Services!

Whether you are in need of an upgraded electrical panel or need help with a sparking outlet, we can assist with any of your electrical repair needs you may have! Contact us today to receive a free estimate for your business or give us a call at  (919) 382-0832 or schedule an appointment.

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