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Electrical Wiring & Rewiring For Businesses in Durham, NC

Most people take electricity for granted. Thanks to complex electrical wiring systems, lighting up a room only takes a simple flip of a switch. However, unlike personal homes, installing wiring for commercial properties comes with a new set of demands and requires help from a licensed electrician. So whether you’re looking for new construction wiring or want to upgrade existing electrical systems, our highly-trained electricians in Durham and surrounding areas can help you!

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Residential Electrical Wiring in Durham

Commercial vs. Residential Electrical Wiring

It’s important to enlist the help of a licensed electrician specializing in commercial properties. This is because the electrical demands for a business greatly differ from that of a residential building. For 15 years we have been wiring both residential and commercial properties in and around Durham!

Here are some things to consider when wiring your commercial property:

  • Larger spaces demand a higher electrical load.
  • Electrical wiring is contained in conduits or ceiling rafters.
  • Three-Phase design is used to provide more power.
  • Wires require more insulation called resistant nylon coated to better protect from corrosive gases.

Signs You Need Electrical Wiring

Signs You Need Electrical Wiring

Defective or outdated wiring stands as one of the biggest potential hazards that can contribute to a fire breaking out. Businesses should consider getting an electrical safety inspection annually.

Protect your commercial property and call us if you start experiencing any of the following signs:

  • Dimmed or flickering lighting – signaling an overloaded circuit
  • Circuits that trip frequently
  • See sparks coming from an outlet, your fuse box, or your electrical panel
  • Frayed, worn, or defective wiring
  • Hear crackling or buzzing noises coming from your outlets
  • Circuit breakers trips-indicates it may be time for an electrical panel upgrade
  • Your outlets near water faucets are not GFCI outlets
  • Loose receptacles or plugs feeling loose inside an outlet

Overloaded outlets and power surges can put a strain on your electrical wiring. Contact our electricians in Raleigh NC for all of your wiring needs! We can rewire existing systems and keep you up to date with code compliance. Our services can help new and old properties with any of their wiring needs!

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Electrical remodeling in Durham

Commercial Electrical Wiring Restoration Services

Keep your electricity running smoothly and contact us for services used to upgrade existing wiring systems.

Some of the rewiring services we provide include:

  • Installing new wires to support lighting, electrical outlets, and switches.
  • Replacing outdated wiring to ensure electrical code compliance
  • Reducing the electrical load and output by rewiring crowded circuits
  • Updating existing wires to ensure code compliance before a home inspection
  • Concealing unattractive wires for aesthetic purposes
  • Electrical remodeling for new technology installations

Durham Electrical Wiring

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Whether you're a clinic, veterinary hospital, or local brewery, our expert team can help with any of your electrical wiring needs! From proper circuit installations to upgrading existing outlets, our services ensure the proper functioning of electrical systems for both large and small businesses.

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