Swimming Pool and Spa Electrical Installation Durham

Having a pool allows you to enjoy hot Durham summers. It gives your family plenty of outdoor recreation and creates a pleasant oasis right in your own backyard where you can host parties and have fun! 

However, your pool requires electricity, whether it’s to power the pool motor that pumps water through the filter to keep it clean or to keep the lights going that allows you to swim safely after dark. To ensure your swimming pool is safe for your family and friends, having an experienced pool electrician to provide repairs and safety inspections is essential. 

Pool Electrical Services

We have serviced pool electrical systems since 1984, including offering the following installation and repair services: 

Call us immediately if you are experiencing the following problems with your spa or swimming pool:

  • Grinding or high-pitched sounds 
  • Dirty water or no water circulation
  • No power to lighting or equipment
  • Circuit breaker trips frequently or won’t reset
  • Strong ozone smell

Custom Pool Lighting

We can help you turn your pool or spa into a beautifully lit oasis you can enjoy well into the evening hours. Our pool electricians will sit down with you to determine your lighting needs and will design a lighting plan that will improve both safety and aesthetics. 

We provide both in-ground LED pool lighting and lighting solutions for above ground pools, too.

Electrical Inspections for Swimming Pools 

In addition to repairing and installing electrical components, our pool electricians also can make sure everything is in excellent working order with an electrical inspection so you can feel confident in your family’s safety. Like our home electrical safety inspections, we’ll take an in-depth look at every aspect of your pool or spa’s electrical system, including the wiring, circuits, and components and provide you with an assessment of our findings.

Contact Us for Swimming Pool Electrical Services

Make sure you and your family can enjoy your swimming pool or spa safely with an electrical inspection and repairs from the electricians at MSS-Ortiz Electrical Services. To get a quote, schedule service, or reach out to us with an emergency, contact us today at 919-382-0832 or schedule an appointment.