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Modern home electricity is only safe and practical because of circuit breakers. They are the essential safety mechanisms that make sure your electrical system isn’t overloaded or that too much current isn’t flowing through your electrical wiring. When a circuit is taxed because too many items are trying to pull power from it, the breaker simply shuts it off. This reduces risk of fire and keeps homes safe. 

If you think you may have a problem with your electricity and aren’t sure how to check a circuit breaker, there’s no need to panic! Our licensed electricians can thoroughly inspect your circuit breaker and provide circuit breaker installation and repairs to homes and businesses in the Durham area.

Circuit Breaker Repair & Replacement

Like all electrical components, circuit breakers are generally long lasting and reliable, but sometimes they can malfunction, requiring a replacement. In addition to safely and quickly replacing the failed breaker, our electricians can also diagnose the underlying cause of the malfunction. In some cases, the electrical panel may need repairs or updates, or additional circuits need to be added to reduce the strain on existing breakers. 

Circuit Breaker Installation

We can also help you avoid electrical overloads with circuit breaker installation in your home or business or update them to ensure they are aligned with current electrical codes. For example, your kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor areas should be equipped with ground fault circuit interrupter breakers that will cut power in the event of a line-to-ground fault which is more likely to occur in wet areas. 

Signs of Circuit Breaker Problems

In most cases, a tripped breaker is simply the result of too many appliances operating at once on the same circuit. Simply unplug the appliances in use on the breaker, including “energy hogs” like space heaters and hair dryers, and reset the breaker, taking care to not overload the circuit again. 

If you experience the following issues, it’s important to call an electrician immediately as you most likely need repairs to your circuit breaker box or new circuit installation: 

  • Inexplicable circuit breaker trips that occur when the system should not be overloaded or that suddenly can’t handle the same items that have always been used on that circuit. 
  • Frequent circuit breaker trips 
  • Breaker that won’t reset (it flips immediately, even with electricity reduced, stays in the middle, or won’t move from the off position)
  • A hot area on the panel or heat coming from a circuit.
  • Singed areas or an odor from the panel

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