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How to Fix Christmas Lights This Holiday Season?

Christmas is a great time of year. The lights, the decorations, and everything that comes with it makes for a wonderful holiday. But how can we enjoy Christmas if our Christmas tree or any other decoration doesn't work? That's where this article comes in!

Here are some tips on how to fix Christmas lights, so you can have a beautifully lit home during the holidays.

1. Identify The Problem

Before you can fix a problem, you have to identify what the problem is. This might seem obvious, but it's important to be specific when troubleshooting electrical problems. Are the lights completely off? Do they flicker? Do certain bulbs not work? Is there something wrong with the cord or plug? Once you know what's wrong, you can start to look for a solution.

2. Check The Bulbs

This is one of the most common problems with Christmas lights. If your bulb isn't lighting up, it could be because it's burnt out or not plugged in all the way. To check for this problem, simply turn on the set and look at how each bulb is lit up to determine if they are working correctly or need replacing.

If a bulb is loose, you can try to tighten it using your hands. If that doesn't work, you might need to use pliers or another tool. Just be sure not to break the bulb in the process!

If all the bulbs are burnt out, then you'll need to replace them altogether. You can find new bulbs at most stores that sell Christmas decorations.

3. Only One Strand of Lights At a Time

If your lights are still not working, you might have broken connections inside the set. You can test this by only plugging in one strand at a time and checking how they light up. By doing this, you'll be able to isolate which strand is causing the problem, so it's easier to fix once found!

To check for broken connections, simply unplug the strand and remove it from its socket. Then gently squeeze each light bulb with your fingers to see if any of them are loose or making a bad connection with another element inside the set.

If you find that there is one particular element causing problems for all the lights on that strand, then try to gently bend the wire that is causing the issue. Doing this should fix your problem!

If you find that there are a few different elements on one strand that have broken connections, then it's best to replace them all.

4. Keep Your Strands Separated

If you have a lot of strands of lights, it can be difficult to keep track of which one is broken and needs to be fixed. To make this process easier, try to keep your strands separated so that you can easily identify the problem when it occurs.

5. Make Sure All The Cords are Connected Tightly 

Another common problem with Christmas lights is a loose cord. If the cords are not connected tightly, then they might not be able to transfer electricity properly and your light strand will stop working. You can test this by gently pulling on each cord from both ends to see how much give there is in the chord.

To fix this issue, you can try to re-plug the cord into the socket or use a tool like pliers to tighten it up.

6. If There Is a Short, Cut Off Power to That Section of Lights

If your lights are flickering or stop working altogether, then it might be because there is a short in the strand. When this happens, you'll need to cut off power for that section of Christmas lights so that they don't cause damage to any other elements within the set.

To do this, locate an outlet where only one section of light is plugged in. Then, find the fuse box on that particular strand and cut off power to it by either unscrewing the switch or pulling out a fuse. To fix this broken connection, you can replace any burned fuses with new ones from your local hardware store's lighting section.

7. Use Special Repair Tools To Speed Things Up

If you're replacing only a single burned-out light, hunting down the faulty bulb that terminated your entire strand is tedious.

A tool like Light Keeper Pro, a light tester, is a great option for a small investment of around $20. It's extremely simple to use and might save you hours of effort for only $20. Spare fuses and bulbs are also suggested - just make sure they're appropriate for the strand.


By following these simple steps, you'll be able to fix any broken strands of Christmas lights in no time. If your problem is more serious or if you can't figure out how to resolve it yourself, then consider hiring a professional electrician for help.

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