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Why Hire a Licensed Pool Electrician

Owning a pool is no easy commitment. Pools require maintenance, cleaning, and a proper balance of chemicals throughout every season. Added to this is the responsibility of handling all the electrical components of a pool, including the pump, heater, filter, and lighting. That's why when wiring or rewiring your pool lighting, we always recommend hiring a licensed pool electrician.

Water and electricity are a dangerous mix. When either installing or repairing malfunctioning electrical components, it is recommended to hire a licensed pool electrician. The electricians at MSS Ortiz specialize in swimming pool electrical services, and we’re sharing why you should hire a licensed pool electrician:


The primary reason why you should hire a licensed pool electrician is for safety. Working with both electricity and water is a dangerous job. While you may have managed the maintenance of other aspects of your pool, you might not have the proper knowledge and expertise to deal with the electrical part of it. When you take on a task like this by yourself, you are risking yourself to an electrocution accident.

Pool wiring requires much higher safety conditions. A licensed pool electrician can ensure your wiring is doing its job, along with keeping it away from water. The pool’s lighting should also be checked by a professional to avoid any safety hazards. Faulty wiring in the lighting fixtures could also lead to electrocution. 

They will also confirm that your pool is properly grounded to ensure that you and your family can safely enjoy it. 

Save Long Term Costs

You might think you’re saving money if you don’t hire professional services to get your pool wired. However, when your pool’s wiring is not done professionally, there is a high chance that you might need to replace equipment because of loose connections or incorrect wire sizing. This will inevitably lead you to spending more money on repair and replacements in the future. It is better to hire a licensed electrician to get the job done right on the first try!


Another reason to hire a licensed pool electrician is because their prior experience allows them to get the job done faster. You might think you can take on this project yourself with a google search on ‘how to install pool wiring’. However, the truth is, a licensed professional will be able to have the pool wired and running in just the amount of time you take beginning your research!

Also take note on hiring a pool electrician and not merely an ordinary electrician. While any electrician will have the knowledge on how electrical components work, they might not have specifically worked with a pool in the past. It is better to work with a professional who has taken on pool projects before and is familiar with the process of pool wiring. 

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Our licensed pool electricians can make sure everything is working right so that you and your family can enjoy your pool without worry! Call us today to schedule a consultation at  (919) 382-0832 or fill out a form online to schedule an appointment.

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