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Since 1984, homeowners, businesses, and contractors have relied on the experienced electricians at MSS-Ortiz for comprehensive electrical services in Chapel Hill. We have an unlimited electrical license, allowing us to take on all types of projects from small repairs to large-scale wiring installation. However, no matter what the task is, you can feel confident that we will show the same attention to detail to ensure our work is compliant with state and local codes and designed to be safe, reliable, and long-lasting. 

Residential Electrical Services

We provide comprehensive electrical services in and around Chapel Hill for both older or established homes and new home construction. This includes:

Electrical Wiring & Rewiring

We can design and install wiring in new homes, remodels, and add-on rooms as well as repair and update existing wiring systems. mss

Outlet Installation & Repair

Our electricians will install new outlets, including GCFI outlets in your kitchen and baths and will repair faulty outlets so they are safe and reliable.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Reduce your energy bills and keep your home cool and comfortable with a ceiling fan professionally installed by a licensed electrician.

Circuit Breaker Installation & Repair

If you’re tripping breakers, you may need additional circuits. We can update your circuit breaker box and ensure each circuit isn’t overloaded.

Interior & Exterior Lighting

Let us install interior and exterior lighting that will brighten your home, improve safety, and make it feel more welcoming.

Hot Tub Wiring

Our electricians in Chapel Hill can repair and install the electrical fixtures to ensure your hot tub is safe and up to code.

Swimming Pool Electrical

From installing lighting to replacing circuit breakers, our swimming pool electrical services keep your pool safe and attractive.

Remodeling Electrical

If you’re renovating your home, call an electrician to ensure you’ll have lights and outlets where you need them and that the wiring is up to code.

Generator Installation

Don’t let severe weather leave you in the dark. We install whole-home generators to help you stay comfortable no matter what the weather is outside.

Multi-Family Electrical Services

We have worked on thousands of multi-family dwellings, including apartment complexes, dorms, and townhouse rows. Whether you need an electrician in Chapel Hill to design complex wiring systems for apartments that are under construction or update the wiring in a historic apartment building, we will make sure your buildings and tenants have safe, reliable electrical fixtures and wiring. 

Commercial Electrical Services

Our electricians also work with businesses, providing quality service, competitive pricing, and safe, reliable work. Whether you need to update wiring to add security features, install lighting, or are planning an expansion, MSS-Ortiz will provide the solutions you need.  

Our commercial electricians provide the following services: 

  • Security camera installation
  • Exterior lighting installation
  • Electrical panel updates
  • Wiring installation and repairs
  • Outlet and lighting repair and installation

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For over 35 years, MSS-Ortiz Electrical Services has been a leading provider of residential repairs and other electrical services around Chapel Hill. To learn more about how we can help light up your next project or to schedule a quote for service, reach out to us today at (919) 382-0832 or fill out our contact form!

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