Durham Hot Tub Wiring

Hot Tub Wiring in Durham

If you're considering adding a hot tub to your home, following the proper installation and maintenance steps is necessary for both legal reasons and, more importantly, your safety. Our licensed electricians have the experience and knowledge to handle hot tub wiring and installation in Durham as well as any electrical repairs and updates you may need.

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wiring for hot tubs in Durham

Hot Tub Wiring Services

We offer comprehensive electrical wiring for hot tubs and spas, including installation, repairs, and upgrades to ensure reliability and safety.

Emergency Spa Wiring

When installed and used correctly, your hot tub can last through years of use, but, like any appliance, it can malfunction. When this happens, an immediate repair is needed to prevent injury. Call us if you experience the following issues:

  • Grinding or whining sounds
  • No water circulation or water that’s dirty;
  • No power to the lighting or equipment;
  • Circuit breaker trips frequently or the circuit won’t reset;
  • Strong ozone odor.

Professional Spa Wiring

Choosing Professional Spa Wiring in Durham

Because plumbing isn’t involved in installing a hot tub, many homeowners think hot tub wiring is a DIY project after watching online videos, all of which promise even a beginner can do it. However, installing a hot tub, even a “plug-and-play” version, requires a licensed professional who can ensure the installation is safe and up to code as well as in compliance with local ordinances. Attempting to do it yourself can result in damage to the spa, an increased risk of fire, or risk of dangerous electric shocks.

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Commercial Hot Tub Wiring

Commercial Hot Tub Wiring

From hotels to health care settings, commercial hot tubs see a lot of traffic and use and must be kept in excellent condition for both the safety of your clients and state regulations. Whether you need wiring for installation, require repairs, or need to schedule a routine electrical inspection of the hot tub, you can rely on our experienced electricians to ensure your hot tub is safe and reliable for your guests, clients, or patients.

Lighting Services

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