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How to Repair a Circuit Breaker

Read This Before You Attempt to Repair a Circuit Breaker

Thinking of repairing a circuit breaker in your home? It can seem tempting to try to take this replacement into your own hands, but we strongly warn against this because a simple mistake could result in an electric shock that could cause your serious harm or worse, death. On top of that, there are multiple other reasons to rely on the services of a licensed and qualified electrician for your circuit breaker repair. Our electricians near Durham, NC will explain more on circuit breaker replacement here.  

When Do I Need Circuit Breaker Repair?

Your home’s electricity flow depends on your circuit breakers working safely and reliably. So when you notice circuit breaker trips over and over, it’s usually a clear sign that the breaker is damaged and needs to be replaced. Here are some other common signs that you may need circuit breaker replacement:

  • If you notice the circuit breaker is hot 
  • If you notice a burning smell coming from a circuit breaker

Also, if your home still has a Zinsco or Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) brand electrical panel, then electrical panel replacement is recommended since these models can increase the chances of fire or electric shocks. 

Why to Trust Your Circuit Breaker Repair to Licensed Electricians

As we said earlier, mistakes while replacing a breaker at your electrical panel could result in real injury or death from shock. When you have a certified and experienced electrician perform the replacement instead, you’ll be out of harm’s way and will benefit from installation from a professional who knows the proper method for this repair.

Here are some more reasons to call an electrician:

  • For insurance purposes, circuit breaker installation needs to be performed to code.  
  • If a circuit breaker is installed incorrectly, that can increase the risks of a dangerous fire.

So when you need a faulty circuit breaker replaced, don’t take any risks by attempting it yourself. Instead, call a reliable and licensed electrician. Our team can get your electricity operating safely and effectively again with a proper circuit breaker replacement. With over 70 years of combined experience in the electrical field, you can have confidence in our knowledge. 

Why It’s Important to Replace A Damaged Circuit Breaker Soon

Besides getting rid of the annoyance of electricity loss, there are many great reasons to have a professional repair a damaged breaker sooner rather than later. Having a new, functioning circuit will:

  • Reduce the risk of lost data on your computers if there is an interruption to the electricity supply. 
  • Work to protect against damage that could be caused by electrical surges. Such damage can harm your costly electronics, include appliances like your refrigerator and can also damage things like your gaming systems or your computers. 
  • Lets you get rid of the inconvenience of having to use only a limited amount of electrical appliances or devices at a time in order to avoid a circuit breaker trip. 
  • Reduce fire risk if an older circuit breaker were to become overloaded.

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