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5 Gadgets that Need Smart Home Installation

The smart home: what once was an idea reserved for sci-fi movies and novels is now an evolving reality. News gizmos and gadgets are rolled out every day that are designed to automate mundane tasks and to keep our energy consumption in check. But some smart devices require a bit more technical knowledge to integrate into the household. If you need smart home installation and home entertainment wiring, you'll want to rely on a licensed electrician to get you safely synced. 

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That said, here are a few gadgets that you need to have on the top of your list!

Smart Speakers

As smart home technology has evolved, smart speakers have become almost ubiquitous in modern homes. Even if a home isn’t totally decked out in the latest gadgets, it most likely has a Google Home, Amazon Alexa, or something similar.

If you’re looking for a speaker that combines smart functionality with incredible sound quality, check out the Amazon Echo Studio. Not only does it make your music sound better than ever, but it can also connect to your Amazon Fire TV to create a home theater audio system that’ll make you feel like you stepped into the future.

To create the most immersive environment, MSS-Ortiz can take care of your smart home audio configuration by putting in a complete audio network connected to all of your virtual assistants. That means you can start playing your music straight from your smartphone or control your home theater volume without a voice command. 

Smart Televisions

Speaking of smart home entertainment systems, a smart television is a perfect addition to your setup. Smart TVs are connected to your internet, and can also be connected to your laptop, smartphone, and smart speaker, to allow you to stream music, television shows, and movies, as well as search the web.

To simplify the process of wiring and connecting all these different devices, you can turn to your local electricians in Durham. We can take over the details of your integrated smart home installation to save you time, making sure it gets done safely and efficiently! Our process includes making sure your circuit breaker can handle the power needed to run your equipment and even mounting your flat-screen television on the wall safely without damaging your home.

The one drawback to a smart home theater system is wiring. With so many components to your smart home entertainment system like a Blu-ray player, video game console, or smart home audio system, it can quickly lead to a tangle of wires that distracts from the screen. Luckily, our electricians will install your system, but we can also conceal those wires to make your equipment setup look sleek, attractive, and organized.

Smart Lights

Want to be able to turn your lights on before you get home after a long day, or switch them on and off - no matter where you are? Smart lights are your answer. 

You can opt for smart light bulbs, like the popular Phillips Hue, which can simply be swapped with your old light bulbs. These can be scheduled to go on and off at certain times of day, and connected to Bluetooth so you can control them when you’re close by. Plus, they come in a wide variety of colors and can be added to almost any light fixture, from chandeliers to light strips. 

The other option for smart lights is a smart switch, which can be installed to add smart home automation to an already-existing light fixture. Installing a smart switch takes a bit more than just swapping out the bulbs, and involves doing some electrical work. Because of this, it's a good idea to have an electrician handle your smart outlet installation.

Smart Doorbells

One of the most popular additions for homeowners is the video doorbell. These can be connected via an app to your smartphone to alert you when someone is at your door and can capture clear and detailed footage of your entryway. 

Smart homes are good for more than just entertainment—some gadgets offer life-saving safety features. A smart doorbell with video functionality can deter intruders, solicitors, or even nosy neighbors. For these assets, you may want to hire an electrician to help with your smart home installation.

When setting your video doorbell up, you can either opt for a battery-powered version or rewire your existing doorbell. If you choose the battery-powered option, keep in mind that it will need to be regularly maintained. If you'd rather not have to remember to swap the batteries in your doorbell, our Durham electricians can help in this phase of your smart home installation.

Smart Thermostats

Yet another benefit of smart home installation is in limiting your energy consumption. If energy-savings is what you’re looking for, look no further than a smart thermostat. These devices work with a temperature sensor in each room of your home, learns what temperature you like, and build a schedule of heating and cooling around your life. Or you can set your own ideal schedule for temperature regulation.

Like many smart home devices, it can be controlled from your smartphone, and studies have shown that users save an average of 10% to 12% on heating bills and 15% on cooling bills when using a smart thermostat!

MSS-Ortiz and Your Smart Home Installation

If you’re looking for smart home installation electricians in North Carolina, MSS-Ortiz has you covered. MSS Ortiz Electrical Services in Durham can help install your new smart home devices. While we are headquartered in Durham, North Carolina, our licensed electricians are spread across the state and will travel to the surrounding areas including Raleigh, Greensboro, Apex, Pittsboro, Holly Springs, Cary, Garner, and more!

From home theater installation to smart outlet installation, our team can help. Contact us by filling out a form or calling us at  (919) 382-0832 to start syncing your smart dream home. 

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