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How Track Lighting Can Elevate a Room

When you look around your house, are you thinking of ways for the different rooms to really pop? Sure, furniture and paintings can help, but many people don’t put enough emphasis on lighting. Lighting, specifically track lighting, can really give any room in your house a real boost. It’s not only functional but many times looks better than a stale lamp or fixture.

Track lighting can not only help to make areas more stylish and functional but can also be used to highlight framed photos and artwork. If you’ve never used track lighting in your home, we’re going to tell you how it can elevate a room and change its look and feel.


Track lighting appeals to many people because it’s versatile. There isn’t just one form of track lighting. There are different track heads and pendants available to help you achieve the look you’re after. Many options include sharp-looking track heads and pendants that are easy to blend into the look of any home.

Plus, you can move the track heads along the track if you move the position of an object you wish to highlight. Simply adjust the track head and you can change the lighting effect on what you want to show off.

Easy to Install

With track lighting, there are no clunky-looking electrical boxes needed for installation. Track lighting is sleek, yet functional and easy to install. This is why so many people like it.

Modern Update

Many people want to give their homes a contemporary update. While you can do that with new furniture or accent pieces, lighting is an efficient way to get the job done. It brightens the room and gives it the attention it deserves without looking cluttered or clunky like a piece of furniture might do. 

Accent Lighting

Track lighting is also a good way to accent certain parts of a room. You can strategically place a track reflected against a wall to give some mood lighting without taking up extra space. The lights will do their job in their subtle location.

Highlight Specific Areas

The one thing you want to remember with track lighting is that track light heads are made for task lighting. If you put the fixtures over strategic areas of the room, like an entryway or sofa, you’ll get the most out of your lighting.

Great for Open Floor Plans

If your home has an open floor plan, track lighting is a great choice because it can keep that light and airy feeling throughout the home. If you run a track along different rooms, you’ll be able to see the difference it can make in your lighting as well as the overall feeling of the room.

Things to Consider with Track Lighting

With track lighting, you can decide if you want to get a straight or curved track depending on the look you’re going for. You also want to make sure the track heads or pendants are compatible with the track system.

You may want to consider using LED bulbs for your lighting system. They are available in different beam spreads, sizes, and color temperatures. They are also favored if you’re using them to highlight artwork because they emit low amounts of heat which will prevent damage to valued pieces of art.

Also, if you have a sloped or slanted wall, track lighting should still work. Many people often worry that if their walls are not completely straight, they can’t install track lighting. Your lighting specialist will look at the space beforehand to assure that you can still install the lights.

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