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The Best Swimming Pool Lights for Your Pool

If you have a pool, why limit yourself to only using it during daylight hours? Pool lighting isn't just about function and safety. It can also provide aesthetic value, transforming a simple pool into a stunning showpiece that adds beauty to your property while you entertain or spend time outdoors. If you're not sure where to start when it comes to swimming pool lights, our electricians in Durham are sharing the different options as well as some of the best types on the market.

Halogen or LED Swimming Pool Lights

First, just like the lighting in your home, there are two types of light bulbs to choose from, halogen and LED. Halogen bulbs are significantly less expensive per bulb, and they burn brightly to provide a great deal of light from just a few fixtures. However, they only last an average of 1,500 to 5,000 kilowatt hours, and they are very energy inefficient, so having your pool lights on even a few hours a day may cause a noticeable spike in your electric bill.

LED lights are more expensive to purchase and they may not be as bright as halogen lights. On the other hand, they can last up to 30,000 kilowatt hours and are significantly more energy-efficient. As halogen lights are continuing to be phased out, you may want to consider LED for long-term usage.

Our Picks:

  • Lampaous RGB Multicolor LED Pool Light when you want to create a fun, colorful experience.
  • S.R. Smith LED Pool Light offers six colors (including white), offers up to 50,000 hours of light, and includes a three-year warranty.
  • Bonbo LED Pool Light Bulb can replace an existing bulb and includes overheating protection technology. It can light entire 30,000 gallon pools so just one or two lights can provide all the illumination you need.

Types of Swimming Pool Lighting Fixtures

If you want permanent, installed lighting within your pool, you can either choose a flush-mounted or surface-mounted light. Flush-mounted lights are installed within the pool wall and don't stick out from the walls, which is often more attractive, but they are nearly impossible to install after the pool is built. Surface-mounted lights project slightly from the walls, but they are easily installed once the pool is built.

DIY Pool Lighting

While any permanent, installed pool light needs to be put in by an electrician, there are some types of DIY pool lights used for accent. Submersible lights are weighted light fixtures that sink to the bottom of the pool and send a glow upwards. Floating lights are enclosed and, as the name suggests, float along the top of the surface of the pool, creating an attractive element, especially when you want ambient light for entertaining.

Our Picks:

  • Intex Floating Pool Lights offer subtle ambient light and only require four AAA batteries.
  • GAME Solar Underwater Light Show charges all day and create "disco-effect" lighting around a 10-foot diameter under the surface of your pool.

Lighting Around Your Pool

In addition to adding swimming pool lights, many homeowners will want exterior lighting to light the area around the pool to add safety and provide more visibility. Garden lighting within the area around the pool is both practical and attractive, while floodlights offer more illumination to larger areas.

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