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Home Audio & Video Wiring in Apex, NC

home video and audio wiring apex

If you would like to elevate your television-watching experience, improve the sound quality of your stereo system, or even connect a phone line, we can help! With our home audio, video, and phone wiring installation, we can help you get the perfect setup for your home, whether it's new construction or you're simply wanting to update or move your existing equipment.

Home Theater Installation

Setting up a home theater can take hours to get exactly how you want, especially if you have multiple components involved. Our electricians will save you time by installing your television, sound system, and other peripherals, plus we can ensure that it's done the safe and correct way. This includes making sure your circuit can handle the power needed to run your equipment and even mounting your flat screen television on the wall safely without damaging your interior. 

Smart Home Audio Configuration

If you would like a more convenient setup you can control from your phone, whether it's listening to music in different rooms or being able to connect with a virtual assistant like Alexa, we can wire your home exactly how you need it.  

Wire Concealment

One of the benefits of working with our licensed electricians to set up your home theater is that we look beyond the screen. With so many components attached to your television - Blu-ray player, video game console, sound system, and more - we know the mess of wires is an unattractive eyesore. If your television is wall-mounted, the hanging wires are even more of a problem. 

Our electricians can conceal wires in a way that makes your equipment setup look sleek, attractive, and modern while ensuring that all the cords and cables are neat and well-organized for easy repair and maintenance.