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Ceiling Fan Installation Services in Apex, NC

apex ceiling fan installation

Summers in North Carolina are brutal with high humidity and triple-digit temperatures. Instead of trying to decide between keeping your home comfortable and reducing your energy bills, ceiling fans make it possible to do both. Our licensed electricians provide ceiling fan installation in Apex to keep your home cool and comfortable while adding beauty and market appeal.

Why Choose to Hire an Electrician for Ceiling Fan Installation?

While YouTube videos make it look easy to install a new ceiling fan, the reality is often much different. Even in the best case scenario, it often takes a few hours of back-breaking work to install it, and if it's not properly installed the first time, it's back to the drawing board to start over. Hiring a licensed electrician in Apex will not only save you hours of work, you'll know that your ceiling fan is installed correctly without any squeaks or creaks that come from it being out of balance or with any risk of malfunction.


Our electricians can tackle ceiling fan installation safely both for ourselves and for your home. Wiring is often dangerous and tricky, and without proper training and experience, shocks are common. Too often, electrical fires occur because of a simple mistake. Our experience in wiring means you can feel confident that your fan will be wired properly and safely.


Don't spend your day off on a ladder, looking for your tools, going to the hardware store, or trying to make sense of an instruction manual. Instead, leave the heavy lifting (literally!) to us! We'll have your fan up and running quickly so you can enjoy your time.

Reduce Costs

While DIY projects sound like they should save you money, ones involving electrical work rarely do. Mistakes in installing a ceiling fan can lead to expensive repairs and, like we said before, raise your risk of a fire.

Exterior Ceiling Fan Installation

If you have a covered porch, we can help you turn it into a lovely and pleasant retreat! We can run the wiring and switches necessary to safely install a ceiling fan in your exterior spaces, including covered porches and pergolas.