Multi-Family Electrical Wiring Services in Durham

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Electrical services for multi-family dwellings, including apartment communities and town homes are complex and require the assistance of an experienced electrician or electrical contractor. At MSS-Ortiz, we specialize in multi-family electrical services and have served over 1,500 apartment units, from lighting installations and repairs to designing and installing electrical systems for new construction. Additionally, Daniel Ortiz, co-owner and project manager, has an additional 20 years of multi-family construction experience prior to joining MSS-Ortiz and has supervised the construction of 4,000 apartment units over his career.  

In Durham and surrounding areas, our electrical contracting company provides the highest quality of workmanship, and our knowledge and experience ensure that every installation and repair we provide is reliable, safe, and aligned with current electrical codes.

Our Multi-Family Electrical Services

For landlords and property management companies, when there is a problem or a concern, we can be there quickly to restore power and ensure the safety of your residents. We offer comprehensive electrical services to multi-family dwellings, including:

For new multi-family construction or complex renovations and remodel, we will work with you to design and implement an electrical plan and system that is efficient and safe while working with your building’s unique layout and design. We can also work with you to create lighting plans that include exterior lights around the property to ensure safety for your residents and buildings. 

Electrical Inspections for Multi-Family Properties

We understand that the safety and well-being of your residents is your highest priority. Because faulty wiring is a leading cause of property damage and injury in fires, we offer comprehensive electrical safety inspections for your property. Our licensed electricians will do a thorough check of all wiring and electrical components, including testing outlets, electrical panels, and circuit breakers to ensure everything is up to code, safe, and functioning correctly. 

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