Audio & Video Wiring in Durham

Audio & Video Wiring in Durham

If you would like to elevate how you watch television or movies or improve how you listen to music, our Durham electricians can help! We can install and wire your home for audio and visual installation whether you want to relocate your entertainment system to a better spot in your home or you want to create an amazing home theater experience.

Home Theater Installation

Setting up your home theater can be time consuming and complicated, especially if you have multiple components involved. Our electricians can not only save you time by installing your television, sound system, and other peripherals, we can ensure that it’s done safely. This includes making sure your circuit can handle the power needed to run your equipment and even mounting your flat screen television on the wall safely without damaging your interior. 

Smart Home Audio Configuration

If you would like to listen to your music throughout the home, we can install a complete audio network that is automated and wireless, connected to your virtual assistant, such as Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa. With our assistance, you can control your entire home audio network from your smartphone. 

Wire Concealment

One of the benefits of working with our licensed electricians to set up your home theater is that we can set up your system to look beyond the screen. With so many components attached to your television – Blu-ray player, video game console, sound system, and more – the mess of wires is an eyesore that is difficult to maintain. If your television is wall-mounted, the hanging wires are even more of a problem. 

Our electricians can conceal wires in a way that makes your equipment setup look sleek, attractive, and modern, while ensuring that all the cords and cables are neat and well-organized for easy repair and maintenance. 

Phone Wire Installation

While most homeowners rely on cell phones for communications, many don’t want to give up the reliability and security of having a land line.  Also, people with home businesses often prefer having a land line for business-related calls. If you need phone and communication wires ran in your home, we can add them quickly and with minimal disruption. 

Contact Us for Home Audio and Visual Installation

Instead of worrying about setting up your home theater system or audio system, let us take care of it! To schedule service or get a quote, contact us today at (919) 382-0832 or schedule an appointment.