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Commercial Generator Installation and Repair in Durham

The weather in Durham can be unpredictable—strong storms, winds, and downed powerlines can cause outages that put businesses at serious risk. Installing a commercial generator allows companies to continue providing essential services on the off chance that a loss of electricity should occur.  For restaurants and similar industries, generators prevent significant financial loss and keep high-powered refrigeration units running to ensure that perishables don’t go bad. Important security systems, company computers, and many daily functions rely on the use of electricity. Contacting our Durham electric team gives you peace of mind when it comes to keeping your business secure. 

Commercial Generator Installation & Repairs

If you are a business located in the Durham and Raleigh area, we offer generator installation and repair services for commercial properties. With a generator, companies ensure that their important security systems stay intact, prevent stored data on computers from being destroyed, and save money by sustaining daily operations.

Not only do we provide installation services, but we can repair existing generators and make sure the electricity in your building continues running smoothly. Whether you’re looking to install a generator for your commercial property or need additional services such as electrical wiring or outlet installation, we can help you!  

How Commerical Generators Work

Generators kick on automatically as soon as your business loses power. These machines are installed on the outside of your property and operate using three-phases in order to support a larger electrical demand. Being fitted with an automatic voltage regulator allows generators to supply a consistent control of voltage while minimizing power dips and surges.

Once we’ve finished the installation process for your commercial property, you can relax as these appliances run off of gas or propane, so refueling isn’t necessary! 

Who Can Benefit from Commercial Generator Installation

No matter the type of business you own, generators provide a range of benefits for industries including: 

  • Large healthcare facilities or hospitals
  • Restaurants, catering companies, and bakeries
  • Grocery and health food stores
  • Financial institutions
  • Schools, universities, public libraries
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