Commercial Electrical Installation

Commercial Electrical Installation Services in Durham

Electricity for your business or organization requires the proper installation of electrical panels, outlets, and light switches. Owning a commercial property can be quite expensive, especially for businesses in the first phase of development. Working with electrical systems, whether it’s for residential or commercial purposes, comes with some serious risk. As a business owner starting out, it may be tempting to cut costs and attempt to do the electrical installation yourself. However, if knowing how to check a circuit breaker is the extent of your knowledge, leave this job up to a licensed electrician. 

Electrical Wiring & Installation for Commercial Properties

Commercial properties utilize advanced electrical systems that far surpass the abilities of systems used to power personal homes. Businesses require more electrical demands due to their larger spaces, frequent use of appliances, and housing more people at one time. Larger buildings require a three-phase electrical system in order to meet their increased electrical demands. With higher voltage and superior insulation, businesses need to have the proper electrical wiring and panel to sustain their daily operations and prevent potential fire hazards. 

We provide the following electrical installation and wiring services for commercial properties including:

Electrical Wiring for New Construction

Our team of certified electricians can get the electricity in your new business up and running in a matter of no time. With years of experience, you can feel confident knowing that we will install your commercial electrical system using the proper technique and make sure that the electricity in your business runs safely. 

Outlet Installation 

Businesses and organizations depend on outlets to power appliances important to their daily operations. Without working outlets conveniently placed throughout your commercial property, it would be impossible to watch television or provide customers with a working internet router. 

Businesses in the Durham area looking for outlet installation and repair services should call us today! We can also replace all of your old outlets and provide additional services including electrical wiring and more. 

Commercial Lighting Systems 

A proper working electrical system keeps businesses brightly lit and running smoothly. Whether you want to enhance your restaurant with LED lighting or increase your company’s security by updating its monitoring systems, we can help you! Here are some examples of the types of commercial lighting installation we provide: 

  • Parking lot lighting
  • Security lighting and monitoring systems
  • LED replacements 
  • Exit lights and emergency lights
  • Retail and restaurant lighting

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