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Generator Installation Services in Apex, NC

generator installation in Apex

North Carolina weather is unpredictable - heavy thunderstorms in the summer, ice storms in the winter, and throw in the occasional hurricane and any of these events can knock out power for days. While a few hours of no power is inconvenient, a few days of no power can be dangerous, especially for vulnerable populations, which is why home generators are becoming more common and why we offer home generator installation in Apex. We will make sure your electricity is prepared to run smoothly so you never have to go without air conditioning, medical equipment, or even entertainment.

How Home Generators Work

Portable generators are noisy and only designed to run a few items like a fan or a coffee pot, whereas a home generator connects into your entire home's electrical system, powering your air conditioner, furnace, and breaker box.

Home generators are powered by a large, rechargeable battery and fueled by liquid propane or natural gas, so it is ready as soon as the power goes out. While some have to be manually switched on when the power goes out, others will automatically power up when your main electricity goes out.

Home Generator Installation & Repairs

In addition to providing generator installation in Apex, we can also repair it if it's not working. If your power goes out and your generator doesn't kick on, our licensed electricians can help. We can check to see if there is a problem with the battery, low coolant levels, or even if it's a breaker that has tripped. Often, these are simple and fast fixes so you can go back to life as usual, no matter what the weather is like outside.

Who Can Benefit from Home Generator Installation

While a home generator is an excellent investment for any homeowner, it is a necessity for certain households, including:

  • Homes with vulnerable populations, including the elderly, young children, and people with disabilities.
  • People who work from home, so they don't lose income or business.
  • Those living in areas vulnerable to hurricanes and severe weather where power can be knocked out for days at a time.
  • People who require refrigeration for medicine or need power for medical equipment, including CPAP machines.