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Think of your wiring as the circulatory system of your home, carrying essential power to every room. We often take it for granted and don't think too much of it, which is fine assuming your wiring is in good condition and power is flowing as it should. When there is a problem or a concern, you need to call our electricians for electrical rewiring in Apex as soon as possible.

Signs You Need Electrical Rewiring 

Faulty or outdated wiring is a serious safety hazard which can lead to power surges that can damage your belongings and increasing the risk of a fire If your home is over 40 years old, and you're not sure about the condition of your wiring and electrical panel, we recommend an electrical safety inspection. Regardless of the age of your home, if you notice any of the following signs, you need to call us for wiring repair:

  • Dimming or flickering lights - This happens when is wired into one circuit or an appliance or heater is pulling energy from the circuit.
  • Circuits that trip frequently
  • Strange odors or sparking from an outlet, your fuse box, or your electrical panel
  • Frayed or damaged wires
  • A hot outlet or light switch plate
  • A buzzing sound coming from an outlet is a sign of a short in a wire or a faulty outlet is causing the current to jump.
  • Your outlets near water faucets are not GFCI outlets. 

Our electricians will get to the root of the problem and repair it quickly ensuring a safer home.

Electrical Wiring for Updates and Upgrades

Along with emergency electrical wiring repairs, our electricians also work on residential wiring for home improvement projects and updates, including: 

  • Running new wires for additional lighting, outlets, and switches.
  • Adding or updating exterior wiring for lighting or decorations.
  • Rewiring overcrowded circuits to reduce the electrical load on one circuit.
  • Updating existing wires to ensure code compliance before a home inspection.
  • Running conduits or hiding wires for aesthetic purposes. 
  • Running wires during an extensive home remodel.
  • Electrical remodel for new technology installations.

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